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AUMA JOIAS was founded by two brothers who share more than 40 years of experience in the design and production of high quality plated jewelry, with focus on international markets. With clients in North America, Central America, South America and Europe, AUMA stands by its principles of high quality, new designs and fast delivery. Even though AUMA is still a young company, it counts with the extensive and professional know-how of its founders and its team to rise above its competition, delivering up-to-date styles specific for each market, with remarkable quality and incredible agility.  




We follow the trends to make sure our styles are always up to date. 

Our Plating Process 
In order to make sure we protect the environment we have invested in the most modern plating equipment, which also guarantees high quality results. 
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Our Material


Our materials are sourced and supplied by both local and international suppliers. 



If requested, we can supply exclusive made specifically to your brand. 


      +55 (54) 3198-0696
      +55 (54) 99711-8969

      Rua Lava Pés 404 - Centro
      Cep 99010-170
      Passo Fundo - RS - Brasil

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